Sporter Hunter Match

Event information

Registrations for this event are closed.

To be conducted over 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. 

2 sighters plus 10 counting shots at each range - 7 minute time limit

Categories:  Standard (factory built commercial rifles and barrels) 

                     Open (custom actions, after market barrels and non-commercially available cartridges)

Pre-entry only through online booking - $50 entry fee


08:00 - Welcome and Briefing for all competitors

08:30 - Zero range for scruitineering

09:00 - 300 yards (Match 1)

Lunch and Presentation after shooting concludes


Rules Summary:

Any rifle bought as a standard factory-made practical walk around sporting/hunting/varmint rifle and without the features or attachments that would place it in the style of a target, match or service rifle

Weight: Not greater than 6.5kg, including any telescopic sight or bipod.

Actions may be bedded in the stock.

Barrels: Rifles may be re-barreled if necessary, but the replacement must not exceed the heavy varmint barrel profile.  Barrels are not to exceed 26 ins (66.04 cms) in length. 

Muzzle Brakes: Muzzle Brakes are not permitted.  

Ammunition: Muzzle energy limit is not to exceed 3500 foot pounds.  Muzzle velocity of ammunition not to exceed 3275 feet per second.

Trigger: Any trigger system may be used provided that it is safe.  A trigger shall be deemed safe if:

(a)Its activating mechanism is enclosed in a suitable trigger guard;

(b)Vigorous cycling of the action does not cause the trigger to release.

Magazine: Magazines are allowed.  The shooter is to be in the firing position before placing a loaded magazine onto the rifle.  Rounds may also be manually placed into the magazine by virtue by single round loading, or by direct loading to the chamber of the rifle.

On completion, the action of the rifle is to be opened; the chamber and the magazine are to be inspected by the competitor and scorer to ensure that both ar e free from live rounds or empty cases.

Sights: Any, including magnifying or telescopic (set to a maximum of 25 power).

Ammunition: Either factory or hand loaded is allowed.

Rests: The front of the rifle may be supported by a hunting bipod (e.g., Harris, or similar).  A rear bag may be used.




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