QSC Membership

Published Sat 01 Jan 2022

A QSC membership can be used for firearms licensing purposes. This is a handy option to start the application process, with the option to upgrade to a club membership later.

  • Can be used as a genuine reason to obtain a firearms licence
  • QSC membership gives you time to find out if you would like to be involved in the sport of Long Range target shooting
  • As a QSC member you are allowed to shoot with any of the QRA clubs a total of three times after which you are required to join a QRA club to continue in the sport
  • If a QSC member upgrades to full membership with QRA you are entitled to a pro-rata refund

A full membership upgrade will allow you to start shooting with the clubs on QRA and NRAA ranges throughout Queensland/Australia and be selected to represent Australia in Overseas competitions

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